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I love what I do!  I've got twenty-plus years working in brand advertising, network promotions, mixed media, marketing, development, and just about all forms of media production under my belt. 

Each year there have been some great memories made along with original content that I'm so proud of!


Working in such a dynamic and ever-changing creative industry has kept me on my toes and taken me on some great adventures around the globe.

A treasured memory was captured here at the Cannes Lions Awards enjoying an afternoon treating clients, sales reps, and directors onboard La Dolce Vita.  

Lisa Phillips - Executive and Creative Producer


Screen Shot 2022-01-23 at 9.40.11 PM.png

Citibank in Majorca w/Jan Gleie - Prepping poolside while we embraced the Spanish lifestyle excusing the local crew for two hour lunches while we continued scouting.  All in all even though it took twice the amount of time that it should have, we did end up shooting a beautiful travel spot.

Volvo in Death Valley w/Tony Kaye - Twister, affectionately referred to as TWISTED is the job I'm most proud of having the entire crew walk away alive.  We pushed the envelope and created a stunning award willing piece of advertising art. 


Lisa - Tony we gotta shoot the house blowing up. 

Tony - Why?

Lisa -  Cause it’s gonna rain and we’re on a dried lake bed and we’re not gonna be able to get out once the dirt turns to mud.

Tony - (wide-eyed) oh that’s good!!

Cue the storm.... blow the house


Screen Shot 2022-01-23 at 7.30.44 PM.png
target_bilboard copy.png

Target in NY - One of the first mixed media integrated campaigns proving that there is enormous value leveraging every shoot day into multiple pieces of content.

PeakaVue - App development / Marketing

At the intersection of brands and fans! A neighborhood concierge as a platform curated with the best-in-class businesses within destination neighborhoods. 5,000 downloads in the first month on Apple and Google.

Consumers are invited to discover and connect with brands when THEY choose.

Brands are invited to a network of excellence.

As a child, I always wanted to be 'the first on the freeway', and firmly believed such a thing was entirely possible.  I still do! Keep this in mind when you meet me, as I approach each and every job with that same boundless sense of optimistic enthusiasm!

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